iTN2100 PTN & MPLS Solution

iTN2100 is a 6U/15-slot, high-capacity, modular PTN platform with a dual-core architecture for both Ethernet and TDM traffic delivery.


iTN2100 is a 6U/15-slot, high-capacity, modular PTN platform with a dual-core architecture for both Ethernet and TDM traffic delivery. It enables a flexible and profitable network establishment for enterprise and mobile backhaul connections, smooth evolution from traditional to next-generation services, and significant reductions of failure points resulting from wiring and cabling. The iTN2100 supports up to 4 x 10G and/or 4 x STM-4/16 uplink capacities, and provides an efficient cross-connection, integration and transportation options over a wide range of copper/fiber based legacy and IP services.

To maximize the uptime and to guaranteed the Carrier’s network availability, ITN2100 supports full hardware redundancy, G.8032/G.8031 Ethernet and G.8131/Wrapping-Steering MPLS-TP protection.  Extensive management capabilities are provided for all aspects from equipment installation and service provisioning to real-time system operation and performance monitoring.

The iTN2100 offers cost-effective solutions, complying with the CE2.0 Ethernet service models introduced by MEF, E1/T1, 2/4/8-wire SHDSL, fiber multiplexing, and pseudowire connectivity for a lease-lined and 2G/3G/LTE mobile backhaul. In addition, the system also supports seamless connections with MPLS-TP and IP-MPLS backbones, and converged fixed-mobile infrastructure by adopting SyncE and 1588v2 PTP. With this integrated system, Carriers and ISPs can save considerable amounts on CAPEX and OPEX for implementing scalable networks and value-added services in the future.

System & Sub Cards

• iTN2100-12-A, 6U/15-slot chassis with ventilation modules only
• iTN2100-NMS, system management and control card
• iTN2100-NTU-2XG, 10G aggregation card with 2 x 10G XFP interfaces and 2 x GE SFP interfaces
• iTN2100-NTU-4GF, GE aggregation card with 4 x GE SFP interfaces and 1+1 card protection
• iTN2100-TSU, Clock card providing both IEEE1588(PTP) and SYNC-E
• OPCOM3500E-2STM1/4-M, SDH aggregation card with 2 x STM1 or 2 x STM4 SFP interfaces
• iTN2100-16GF, GE tributary card with 8 x SFP slots supporting 16GF with TSFP-Gb, 16FX with TSFP-03, and 8 x GF with SFP-Gb
• iTN2100-8FX, GE tributary card with 8 x FE SFP interfaces
• iTN2100-4STM1-GC, EoS tributary card with 4 x STM1 SFP and 1 x GE combo interfaces enabling EOS traffic from CPE to be decapsulated directly locally or aggregated to a GE card on a PTN network
• iTN2100-8EOS-8GF, EoS tributary card with 8 x GE SFP interfaces enabling a Gigabit Ethernet service delivery over 8 x VCG
• iTN2100-CES-STM1/4, PWE3 tributary card with 4 x STM1 or 1 x STM4 SFP interfaces
• iTN2100-CES-16E1T1-BL, PWE3 tributary card with 16E1/T1 interfaces
• OPCOM3500E-TP, four pairs of optical interface for C37.94 service
• OPCOM3500E-DC64K, G.703 tributary unit, 16 x ports
• OPCOM3500E-16E&M, 2/4wire E&M card with 16 interfaces


• Combined dual cores can deliver Ethernet and TDM traffic in one system
• Available with 4 x 10G XFP and 4 x GE SFP, or 8 x GE SFP at line side and up to 128 x GE TSFP at client side
• Available with 4 x STM16 SFP or 4 x STM1 SFP at line side and up to 40 x STM1 SFP at client side
• Available with STM-1, EoTDM, PWE3, FiberMux, FE, DS3, E3, E1, Voice, V.35, V.24, RS232, G.SHDSL.bis at client side
• E-Line, E-LAN and E-Tree are compliant with CE2.0 relevant MEF specifications
• Uplink redundancy and resiliency with ITU-T G.8031 (ELPS), G.8032 (ERPS) on Ethernet side, G.8131 MPLS-TP liner protection and Wrapping/Steering MPLS-TP ring protection on PTN side and 1+1 liner MSP, SNCP, 1+1 LPP on SDH side
• IEEE802.3ah, 802.1ag, ITU-T Y.1731/SLA, L2MPLS-TP LSP/PW/section OAM
• VLAN, QinQ, QoS, LACP, and static MPLS compliant with MPLS-TP
• PWE3 tributary card supports SAToP, CESoP, MPLS, CESoETH (MEF) and UDP/IP encapsulations
• Port statistic based on VLAN/EVC/COS
• Compliant with 1588v2 (PTP) OC/BC/TC mode and SyncE
• Optional 2Mbit, 2MHz input/output external clock
• Full hardware redundant protections for GE, PWE3, SDH, Multi-service FiberMux sub-cards and power supply
• OAM for remote CPE management
• Auto Laser Shutdown (ALS) protection and Dying Gasp
• SNMP (NView compatible) via in-band and out-of-band network channe








Number of Service slots



OTN cross-connect


40G based on ODU0, ODU1

SDH cross-connect

32 x 32 VC4 or 2016 x 2016 VC12

20G based on VC4 or 10G based on VC3/VC12

Packet switch capacity



STM-16 interface



STM-1/4 interface



E1 channel



DS3/E3 channel



PDH optical tributary channel



EOS interface


64 x GE/FE + 8 x STM4

FE port



GE port

352 x GE for tributary, 16 x GE for aggregator


10GE port




8 x STM4/32 x STM1

6 x STM4/24 x STM1

128 x E1/T1

64 x E1/T1

OUT/OTU2e interface



G.SHDSL interface