iTN 221 PTN & MPLS Solution

iTN221 is a 1.5U/15-slot, high-capacity, modular PTN platform with a dual-core architecture for both Ethernet and TDM traffic delivery.


iTN221 is a 1.5U/15-slot, high-capacity, modular PTN platform with a dual-core architecture for both Ethernet and TDM traffic delivery.
It enables a flexible network connectivity for enterprise and mobile backhaul connections, smooth evolution from traditional to next generation services, and significant reductions of failure points resulting from wiring and cabling.

The iTN221 supports up to 2 x 1G and/or 2 x STM-1/4 uplink capacities, and provides an efficient cross-connection, integration and transportation options over a wide range of copper/fiber based legacy and IP services. The maximum system uptime and Carrier-class network availability are guaranteed by full hardware redundancy, G.8032/G.8031 Ethernet and G.8131/Wrapping-Steering MPLS-TP protection. Extensive management capabilities are provided for all aspects from equipment installation and service provisioning to real-time system operation and performance monitoring.

The iTN221 offers cost-effective solutions, complying with the CE2.0 Ethernet service models introduced by MEF, E1 and pseudowire connectivity for a lease-lined and 2G/3G/LTE mobile backhaul. In addition, the system also supports seamless connections with MPLS-TP and IPMPLS backbones, and converged fixed-mobile infrastructure by adopting SyncE and 1588v2 PTP. With this integrated system, Carriers and ISPs can save considerable amounts on CAPEX and OPEX for implementing scalable networks and value-added services in the future.

System & Sub Cards
  • iTN221-4GE, including the chassis, main card, double power, fans, and three sub card slot
  • iTN221-SUB-V35, V.35 subcard, 1 x ports
  • iTN221-SUB-DC64K, G.703 subcard, 4 x ports
  • iTN221-SUB-RS24, Serial interface subcard, Provides eight V.24 interface, or four RS422 interface
  • iTN221-SUB-TP, C37.94 subcard. Support two pairs of optical interface for C37.94 service. Support standalone, or configuration for protection. Bandwidth is Nx64k (N=1~12) every channel
  • iTN221-SUB-10FXS, FXS subcard, 10 x ports
  • iTN221-SUB-10FXO, FXO subcard, 10 x ports
  • iTN221-SUB-4GE, Provides four GE service ports and including one POE interface. The system can only use one
  • iTN221-SUB-4E1, E1 subcard, 4 x ports
  • iTN221-SUB-4E&M, E&M subcard, 4 x ports


• Combined dual cores can deliver Ethernet and TDM traffic in one system
• Available with 2 x 1G SFP uplink, 4 x GE SFP in the mainboard and 4 x GE subcard module
• Available with 2 x STM-1/4 SFP
• Available with E1, PWE3, GE, Voice, V.35, V.24, RS232, TP at client side
• E-Line, E-LAN and E-Tree are compliant with CE2.0 relevant MEF specifications
• Uplink redundancy and resiliency with ITU-T G.8031 (ELPS), G.8032 (ERPS) on Ethernet side, G.8131 MPLS-TP liner protection and Wrapping/Steering MPLS-TP ring protection on PTN side and 1+1 liner MSP, SNCP, 1+1     LPP on SDH side
• IEEE802.3ah, 802.1ag, ITU-T Y.1731/SLA, L2MPLS-TP LSP/PW/section OAM
• VLAN, QinQ, QoS, LACP, and static MPLS compliant with MPLS-TP
• PWE3 tributary card supports SAToP, CESoP, MPLS, CESoETH (MEF) and UDP/IP encapsulations
• Port statistic based on VLAN/EVC/COS
• Compliant with 1588v2 (PTP) OC/BC/TC mode and SyncE
• 2Mbit, 2MHz input/output external clock
• SNMP (NView compatible) via in-band and out-of-band network channels