MSG2110-SHDSL SME Gateway

Symmetrical data transmission of up to 15 Mbps over the 2-wire line using G.SHDSL.bis with IP and security functions.


With the symmetrical data transmission of up to 15 Mbps over the 2-wire line, the G.SHDSL.bis satisfies the needs of multiple users, who require both bandwidth and permanent data connections. MSG2110 is a router with G.SHDSL uplinks. It is cost-effective and extends multiple Ethernet services on the existing copper lines. It may act as the gateway of a small and medium enterprise to connect to the Internet with a wide range of IP and security functions. The flexible QoS configuration  enables SME customers to define different flows, such as, VoIP, video and data with a guaranteed or maximum bandwidth allocation. This device is typically deployed as a demarcation point between the carriers and customers and saves the SME customers the cost of buying additional small routers for their security and routing requirements. If the EPL and EVPL are required for a much larger organizations and branches, it can also deliver a Layer 2 carrier Ethernet service for point-to-point access.


• Static/dynamic routing (RIP) as well as OSPF
• IPSec, SSL and L2TP VPN, Content filtering
• Anti-DoS, Anti-ARP function
• VLAN, QoS and SLA
• IEEE802.3ah, 802.1ag and ITU-T Y.1731/SLA
• TR069, CLI, Telnet, Web management and SNMP (NView compatible)