Smart Metering & Info Automation (M2M) Utilities and Transportation Networking Solutions

Cellular solutions for IoT/M2M targeting Smart Metering and Information Automation applications


  • Cellular networks idealy enable connectivity to remote locations
  • U&T verticals have to connect large number of remote locations for telemetry and other applications
  • Raisecom’s range of industrial routers can be widely used in M2M and IoT applications
  • Smart Grid Router, located at the secondary substation (LV transformers) for Distributed automation devices (RTU, Power monitoring) and Meter concentrators over Cellular networks
  • The routers, which can be used over multi-G cellular networks, offer a number of features like:

                     • Static and Dynamic Routing
                     • L2TP VPN with IP Sec or GRE tunnels
                     • Serial interfaces