Suncomm SC-2 VOIP Gateway


Product Name:VoIP Gateway SC-2 ; 2FXS/2FXO (SIP + H.323) SC-2 2 ports VoIP Gateway is a SIP + H.323 compliant residential gateway that provides solution for integrating voice-data network and PSTN. It is equipped with a 4 port Ethernet switch and built-in NAT router function that provides Internet access using only one IP address.



  • Stackable VoIP Architecture: Stackable SIP calls with multiple VoIP Gateways.
  • Caller ID Delivery and Detection:
  • FXS support DTMF&FSK Caller ID generation;
  • FXO supports DTMF&FSK Caller ID detection.
  • Smart VoIP call Dialing Book: VoIP Call Book could provide any application VoIP call to any type destination (Domain name/IP address, PSTN or PBX) or hunting number setting.
  • AC termination Impedance : 600/900 OHM and complex impedance
  • Polarity Reversal Detection: Type I and Type II
  • NAT traversal:
  • Smart-QoS Guaranteed: This feature provide good voice quality when users place VoIP call and access Internet at the same time. The gateway will start reserve bandwidth for voice traffic automatically when VoIP call proceeds.
  • Voice channels status display: This function display each port status like as onhook, offhook, calling number callee’s number, talk duration, codec.
  • Pulse Dial support: Support pulse dialing generation and detection.(Optional)
  • Flash Detection and Generation Program:
  • FXO support Flash Generation;
  • FXS support Flash Detection.