OPCOM3107-16E1-BL SDH Multiplexer

A next generation STM-1 access device, the OPCOM3107 transports 16xE1, Fast Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet over SDH in a compact, cost effective unit.


Compactness, cost-effectiveness and versatility are all features that characterize the OPCOM3107 making this device ideally suited for voice and data transmission. Services that are provided range from traditional E1 to Fast Ethernet. The OPCOM3107 supports 16 fixed E1 ports, 4 Fast Ethernet ports and 1 GE combo port. It also provides one alarm terminal and a 2Mbit/2MHz external clock connecter. For Ethernet over SDH services, the OPCOM3107 uses a standard Generic Framing Protocol (GFP) mapping, Link Access Procedure SDH (LAPS) Virtual Concatenation and Link Capacity Adjustment Schemes (LCAS) for dynamic bandwidth allocation. All these features enable the OPCOM3107 to be considered the next-generation STM-1 access device.


• Available with 2 x STM-1 & 16 x E1 interfaces in balanced mode, 4 x RJ45 Fast Ethernet and 1 x combo GE interface
• Available with 2Mbit/2MHz external clock and 1 alarm input and output interface
• Popular as a NG access device playing aggregation, add-and-drop multiplexer (ADM) and/or Terminal multiplexer (TM) roles in    STM-1 ring or daisy chain topology
• Hybrid cross-connection between VC3 and VC12
• GFP/LAPS encapsulation, VCAT and LCAS function
• VLAN, QinQ, QOS, ACL, rate limit, mirror and storm control
• 1+1 MSP, one-plus-one LPP and redundant power supply
• Retiming on the 1st to 4th E1 channels
• Local/remote online upgrade and management
• CLI and SNMP (NView compatible) via in-band and out-of-band network channels