OPCOM200 - OSD4 - SL Passive CWDM CWDM



OPCOM200-OMD are passive multiplexer/demultiplexer of Raisecom CWDM system, belong to OPCOM200 series product line. The passive Mux/de-mux is key component for Raisecom CWDM system, which enabling the multiplexing and demultiplexing of 4 or 8 CWDM channels on the same module.OPCOM200-OMD module versions also include an integrated expansion channel to address adding CWDM capabilities to fiber that is already in service with 1310nm links. RaisecomCWDM product line is developed and designed for fully utilizing the existing fiber resources to accommodate today's LAN and SAN services in the MAN. It provides a protocol transparent platform with ultra large bandwidth at a low cost, satisfying enterprise customer’s requirements perfectly and standing carriers a good chance for high margin revenues. Raisecom CWDM system provides a flexible “Pay-As-You-Grow” solution for a cost-effective and complete range of services transmission by directly deploying Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, fiber channel and SDH services utilizing CWDM technologies, increasing the flexibility and capability of existing fiber lines cost-effectively.

Optical interface               1*Line:CWDM line site interface
                                                   4 or 8 CWDM wavelength interfaces
Optical fiber type             G.652 single mode
Optical connector type  SC/PC
Data Rate                             0-10Gbps per channel
Operating Temperature 
30-80 Celsius
Relative Humidity             
5%-90% non-condensing
Safety Compliance
            CE marking

Service Channel 4 or 8
Scalability    Enhanced version provides a 1310nm channel for analog
Engineering   Plug and play, no need for configuration
Date Rate   0-10Gbps per channel
Enclosure Compact metal enclosure for indoor installation and hardened type for
outdoor installation
Central wavelength 1471nm,1491nm,1511nm,1531nm,1551nm,1571nm,1591nm and 1611nm
Transmission Mode Provide a service/protocol transparent platform for ultra large bandwidth transmission
Topology Point to Point, hub-and-spoke, and ring topology