Multi-Service Chassis (RC3000-15) Featured Products

The Raisecom RC3000-15 is an intelligent multi-service access platform and is mainly applied in cost-effective utility and dedicated networks.



The Raisecom RC3000-15 is an intelligent multi-service access platform and is mainly applicable in dedicated networks, Utilities and Transportation transport networks. The device is a Digital Access and Cross-connect System (DACS), which integrates the following functions: digital/analog access, cross-connection and transmission. RC3000-15 is compatible with the Multi-Service Terminal Mux and can be synthesized under the Raisecom NView system for real-time configuration, management, monitoring and trapping.

System & Sub Cards

• RC3000-15-A, 7U/15-slot chassis with ventilation modules only
• RC3000-15-DXC, system management & Control Card
• SUB-BITS-CLK, insert on the DXC card to provide 2Mbit and 2MHz external clock function
• RC3000-15-STM1, SDH aggregated unit with two STM-1 optical interfaces with SFP connector, 4 FE interfaces and 4 E1 unbalanced or balanced interfaces with DB37 connector
• RC3000-15-8E1, E1 tributary unit with 8E1 unbalanced or balanced interfaces, support one-plus-one port/card protection
• RC3000-15-P240-4FE-OPT-S1, PDH tributary unit with dual optical interfaces for redundancy and 4 FE interfaces and 8 E1s transmission capacity
• RC3000-15-32FXS, 2-wire Foreign Exchange Subscriber(FXS) interface card, 32 interfaces per card, DB37 connector
• RC3000-15-32FXO, 2-wire Foreign Exchange Office(FXO) interface card, 32 interfaces per card, DB37 connector
• RC3000-15-8S8O, 2-wireFXS and FXO interface card, 8-channel FXS and 8-channel FXO interfaces per card, DB37 connector
• RC3000-15-16E&M, 2/4wire E&M interface card, 16 interfaces per card, HDB26 connector
• RC3000-15-8ETHP, High speed Ethernet interface card, which provides 8 channels 10/100 Base-T Ethernet port, data rate: N×64Kbps (N=1~31)
• RC3000-15-8RS232H, low speed RS232 data interface card with handshaking, up to 57.6Kbps RS232, 8 interfaces per card with RJ45 connector
• RC3000-15-8RS485, low speed RS485/RS422 data interface card, up to 38.4Kbps RS485/RS422 data, 8 interfaces per card with RJ45 connector
• RC3000-15-8V35, high speed V.35 synchronous data interface card, 8 interfaces per card, user selectable data rate N × 64Kbps of “N” (1~31)
• RC3000-15-8V24H, low speed V.24 data interface card with handshaking, up to 128Kbps V.24 synchronous data 8 interfaces per card
• RC3000-15-16C64K, G.703 Co-directional of 64Kbps data interface card, 16 interfaces per card, RJ45 connector RC3000-15-TP, Teleprotection card, support 4 ST optical interfaces and optical interface 1+1 protection, and support capacity compression. Services of each interface only occupy "1+N" (N = 1–12) 64 Kbit/s timeslots at the line side when they are multiplexed



• Available with 4 x STM-1 and 2 x GE at line side; 7U chassis with 15 slots
• Non-blocking cross-connect of up to 4096 DS0 channels
• 1+1 protection over STM-1 optical interface
• Available with sub-cards supporting electrical/optical E1, FE, FXS, FXO, 2/4W E&M, magneto, hotline, dry contact, co-directional 64K, V.35, V.24, RS232, RS422, RS485 at client side
• Configurable E1 interface gain mode to expand transmission distance
• A software configurable attenuation of each TX/RX channel with increments of 0.1dB for voice modules
• Link Capacity Adjustment Scheme (LCAS) for inverse multiplex modules
• DXC module supports alarm input and output, external clock supports 2Mbps and 2MHz
• All sub-cards hot-swappable
• 1+1 protection over E1 and PSU/DXC cards
• Power supply and fan modules with monitor
• Auto Laser Shutdown (ALS) and Build-in BERT
• Inside and outside loopback for individual tributary cards
• VCC channel for remote network management
• SNMP (NView compatible) via in-band and out-of-band network channels






Cross connect

512 Mbps

STM-1 interface


E1 channel


FXS/FXO channel


E&M channel


V.35 channel


V.24 channel


RS232 channel


FE port


Magnet interface